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Sale Smashie And Nicey T-Shirt

Smashie And Nicey T-Shirt

£ 20.00 GBP



A cult comedy character t-shirt available in black or white cotton.

'Totally Poptastic Mate'

The Smashie And Nicey T-Shirt celebrates the comedic duo created by Harry Enfield and Paul Whitehouse.

Mike Smash and Dave Nice were infamously out of touch radio dj's whose heyday has well and truly gone. Inspired by an older generation of radio dj's, including Dave Lee Travis, Alan Freeman, Noel Edmonds and Tommy Vance, Smashie and Nicey worked at fictional radio station FAB FM, a parody of BBC Radio 1.

Each sketch would involve the two talking a stereotypically, obsessively self-regarding disc jockey spiel: reminiscing about their careers, modestly shrugging off their many works of "charidee", and generally being bland and irrelevant, before using a fader (in the form of a giant lever) to play their favourite record "You Ain't Seen Nothin' Yet" by Bachman–Turner Overdrive.

The only downside to owning the Smashie And Nicey T-Shirt? The constant questions about where you got such a fantastic tee.

Last Viewed: Jan 28, 2020
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