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Hi there and welcome to the new and improved Hellwood Outfitters website.
Here at Hellwood we specialise in designing unique t-shirts that you can find nowhere else. Every single one of the designs featured on the website is an original piece of artwork, designed for passionate film buffs, TV show obsessives, music lovers, literary psychos, historical scholars, and all twisted tee wearers. Feel free to have a browse around, hopefully you'll find something you'll like.

The Truth, The whole truth

And Nothing But The Truth

Here at Hellwood, using the heading ’About Us’ is frankly a bit of a misnomer.
To be more accurate, this page should really be called ‘About Me’ as Hellwood Outfitters is very much a one man operation, the ultimate log cabin enterprise with the wizened old man bent double over the desk, clutching a piece of chalk in arthritic fingers and scratching his designs into rock.
Alright, so maybe that is laying it on a bit thick, but you get the general idea.
I pretty much work on my own (if you ignore the four dogs snoring around the house and occasionally barking at passing cars).
I work up all the t-shirt designs myself, I maintain the website myself and answer all the e-mail queries (and complaints) myself.
All of the designs featured on the site are t-shirts I wish I could have found for sale online and in the end decided to make for myself. The only unifying element to all the designs is me.
Make of that what you will.

DTG Print Partners
We Only Work With The Best

DTG Print Partners

I am not a printer and I don’t make the t-shirts myself,
for that I use a highly skilled third party businesses who, over the years, have proven themselves to be the very best at what they do.
In the best tradition of print on demand, these trusted partners handle all the technical side of printing and fulfillment.
All I do is design the shirts and stick them up online in the hope that maybe some other poor demented soul out there might find them as appealing as I do.