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Sale Lemmy Ace Of Spades T-Shirt Motorhead

Lemmy - Ace Of Spades T-Shirt

£ 20.00 GBP


A classic rock t-shirt available in black or white cotton.

'You know I'm born to lose, and gambling's for fools, But that's the way I like it baby,
I don't wanna live for ever'

Hellwood Outfitters proudly present a brand new design inspired by and dedicated to the legend that was Lemmy, bass virtuoso, rock god and the face, sound, and life blood of Motorhead.

This original design celebrates one of Motorhead's best known tracks, Ace Of Spades, and one of Lemmy's best remembered lyrics.

Among all our selections of cult film tees, classic TV t-shirts, rock, pop and country music tee shirts, the Lemmy - Ace Of Spades T-Shirt is sure to be a favourite and would grace the wardrobe of any self respecting trend setter.

Last Viewed: Apr 09, 2020
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