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Sale New Winkies Sunset Boulevard Mug

Winkies Sunset Boulevard Mug

£ 11.00 GBP



A Mulholland Drive inspired 11oz white ceramic mug.

The Winkies Sunset Blvd Mug is inspired by the mysterious diner featured in David Lynch's award winning movie Mulholland Drive.

"Winkie's on Sunset Blvd", the diner where much of the film's action takes place, is neither "Winkie's" nor on Sunset in real life. It was actually shot at an old Denny's restaurant, which is now called "Caesar's". It's located a long ways from Sunset, about 20 miles south in the city of Gardena, CA.

The Winkies Sunset Boulevard Mug, along with all of our other fine t-shirts, are printed on demand just for you so are always in stock.

Last Viewed: Jan 19, 2020
film mug

- 11oz ceramic mug.
- Glossy white finish.
- Dishwasher and microwave safe.

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