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Sale George Lusk Whitechapel Vigilance Committee T-Shirt

Whitechapel Vigilance Committee T-Shirt

£ 20.00 GBP


A Jack The Ripper inspired t-shirt available in black or white cotton.

The Whitechapel Vigilance Committee T-Shirt commemorates the creation of the volunteer group that patrolled the streets of Whitechapel at night during 1888 in the hopes of catching the elusive serial killer known as Jack The Ripper.

The committee was set up by local businessmen who were concerned that the killings were affecting commerce in the area. It was led by George Lusk, a local builder who was elected chairman during the committee's first meeting on 10 September 1888.

Wear your heart on your sleeve with the Whitechapel Vigilance Committee T-Shirt. A devilishly deviant design for fans, followers and the sartorially psychotic.

Last Viewed: Apr 10, 2020
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