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Sale Claude Rains The Invisible Man Film T-Shirt

The Invisible Man T-Shirt

£ 20.00 GBP


A classic science fiction t-shirt available in black cotton.

The Invisible Man T-Shirt is inspired by James Whale's faithful 1933 film adaptation of the H G Wells sci fi classic The Invisible Man.

Starring Claude Rains as the title character and Gloria Stuart as Flora Cranley, the film tells the story of a scientist who finds a way of becoming invisible, but in doing so becomes murderously insane.

The success of the movie spawned a whole host of sequels and adaptations, many of which bore little similarity to the Wells original.

Wear your heart on your sleeve with the The Invisible Man T-Shirt. A devilishly deviant design for fans, followers and the sartorially psychotic.

Last Viewed: Mar 30, 2020
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