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Sale Fellini 8 1/2 T-Shirt

Fellini 8 1/2 T-Shirt

£ 20.00 GBP £ 0.00 GBP

Inspired by what many consider to be one of the best films ever made, the Fellini 8 1/2 T-Shirt celebrates the avant garde surrealist comedy drama directed by Federico Fellini.

Made in 1963, 8 1/2 starred Marcello Mastroianni as Guido Anselmi, a famous Italian film director who suffers from stifled creativity as he attempts to direct an epic science fiction film.

Among all our selections of cult film tees, classic TV t-shirts, rock, pop and country music tee shirts, the Fellini 8 1/2 T-Shirt is sure to be a favourite and would grace the wardrobe of any self respecting trend setter.

Last Viewed: Apr 08, 2020
8 1/2avant garde filmcult filmsfederico fellinifilmmakingforeign filmsguido anselmimarcello Mastroiannisurrealism