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Sale Ed Gein Plainfield Butcher Mug

Ed Gein Plainfield Butcher Mug

£ 11.00 GBP



A serial killer inspired 11oz white ceramic mug.

The Plainfield Butcher Ed Gein Mug is inspired by the infamous American killer and body snatcher from Plainfield, Wisconsin.

Gein confessed to killing two women; tavern owner Mary Hogan in 1954, and a Plainfield hardware store owner, Bernice Worden, in 1957, but also fashioned trophies and keepsakes from the bodies he exhumed from local graveyards.

His infamy is believed to have inspired the fictional Norman Bates from Psycho, Leatherface from The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Buffalo Bill from The Silence of the Lambs.

The Ed Gein Plainfield Butcher Mug, along with all of our other fine t-shirts, are printed on demand just for you so are always in stock.

Last Viewed: Mar 30, 2020
serial killer mug

- 11oz ceramic mug.
- Glossy white finish.
- Dishwasher and microwave safe.

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